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  • Have a copy of these two pics and read them before the exam.
  • You should read this post carefully before taking the exam. 1. Please, Please, Please read the question carefully focus on each and every word. 2. Write the equations first. Sometimes, you know the answer but because you know it you may think of it without writing it. Therefore, write the equations and solve step by step. 3. Series resistors can not be connected all in close circuit. Pay a close attention for that. 4. The inductor can make the entire circuit as short circuit but the capacitor can not do that because it acts as open circuit. 5. In node and mesh methods, Decide the nodes and the meshes before solving. 6. In superposition, focus on the signs and the direction. It is very important. 7. You can know if the response is natural or step from the circuit itself. 8. In division and multiplication you use the polar form, but in addition and subscription you use the rectangular form. 9. Step-up transformer the secondary number of turns and the voltage are higher than those in the primary coil. However, this is not the case in the current because the primary current is higher. 10. If you think that you do not know the answer, write at least the equations. Do not leave it empty. That's all. Good luck. You will do great. Do not worry. Sarah M AlQattan.
  • Here as you see, a general sketch to distinguish between natural and step responses in RC circuit. - Charging = Step response -Discharging = Natural response
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