May 15

Youtube channel


I'm posting this to ask you

if you think that I should make new videos for some courses!!


If you have some suggestions, please let me know.



May 15

I think making a youtube channel and more videos for many courses is a great idea! I watched your videos for electric circuits and it was amazing and very helpful!!

May 15

Great !! But I'm asking which course should I start with this month. It is difficult to do them all. I don't have that long time, so I'm asking to know which course is more difficult or need more explanation. Thank you sweetheart for your response.

May 15

The bad thing is that the difficulty of most of the courses depends on the doctors💔, but if you are going to make new videos, do you want them to be from level 4 course or all the levels?

May 15

No, it's okay to be from any level.

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